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1. What happens if my flight is cancelled by Rex?

When a Rex flight is cancelled, Rex will search for alternative means to get you to your destination. We will attempt to:

i.  offer you a seat on an alternative flight on the same day or another day;
ii.  find alternative means of transport (like buses) to bring you to the destination airport;
iii. fly you to the nearest alternative Rex port and you make your way from there.

If you accept alternative transport from us, we would have been considered to have fully discharged our responsibility with regards to your air ticket.

If you refuse the alternatives provided or if no alternatives are provided, then we would refund the remaining unused portions of your itinerary on Rex to your credit card or to your travel agent. You are required to write to us for a refund (see point no. 8 "Contact Us" below).

2. Will I get a refund on my fare if I am given a flight to an alternate destination with Rex due to a delayed or cancelled flight?

No, if you have made a decision to accept an alternate destination, the ticket would be considered as used and there will be no refund.

3. Will Rex provide refreshments in the event of a delay?

In the event of a delay exceeding 90 minutes (excluding uncontrollable delays like those due to weather conditions etc), Rex will provide refreshments or vouchers for refreshments if requested. Do note that due to the limited facilities at some of the regional airports Rex operates to, refreshments/meals may not always be available at those ports.

4. Will I be able to use the Rex Lounge (Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide only) in the event of a lengthy delay?

No. The Rex Lounge is for Rex Lounge members who pay for the exclusive use of the lounge. Due to space limitations, the Rex Lounge is not able to accommodate disrupted customers. Rex does permit a day/guest pass to be purchased if travelling with a Rex Lounge member.

5. I have missed a connecting Rex-to-Rex flight (which meets the required Minimum Connecting Time) due to the delay of my first flight. Can I get a refund on the fare of my connecting flight(s)?

You could choose to take the connecting flight(s) at any later time during the validity period of the ticket with no extra charge. However if you decide to cancel the remaining unused sectors, you will be eligible for a full refund of the disrupted portion. Please write in to claim your refund (see point no. 8 “Contact Us” below). This does not apply if the connecting time between the 2 flights, as scheduled, is less than the Minimum Connecting Time. The Minimum Connecting Time is generally set at 45 mins but could be amended from time to time.

6. Will Rex bear the cost of a hotel room, taxi fares etc in view of a cancellation, delay or diversion?

The Conditions of Carriage excludes all compensation for consequential damages arising from disruptions.

7. What does the insurance purchased on the Rex website cover?

Whilst Rex has partnered with Chubb Insurance Australia Limited (Chubb) to offer travel insurance for the convenience of passengers, the insurance itself is a Chubb product. Therefore, any enquiries regarding the insurance need to be directed to Chubb by calling 1800 766 950 or via email at .

8. Contact Us

Claims for refunds can be lodged at the following addresses with booking reference number and full details of the situation.

Rex, PO BOX 807, Mascot NSW 1460

To change your flights arising from disruptions: If you are at the airport, our staff will be pleased to assist you. If you are rebooking a flight from home, please call Customer Contact Centre 13 17 13


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