Rex Group Privacy Policy

  1. Introduction
  2. Collecting Personal Information
  3. CCTV Policy
  4. Anonymous or Use of a Pseudonym
  5. Usage and Disclosure
  6. Disclosure of Information Overseas
  7. Using Personal Information for Marketing Purposes
  8. Government Related Identifiers
  9. Holding and Keeping Personal Information Safe
  10. Accessing and Updating Personal Information
  11. Cookies and Web-tracking Tools
  12. Availability and Changes to the Rex Group Privacy Policy
  13. Privacy Complaints or Concerns


1. Introduction
Regional Express (Rex) and its subsidiaries (Rex Group) are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. Your personal information is any information that identifies you and could include your biodata, your actions and decisions (such as your travel pattern) or even your opinion. This Privacy Policy spells out how we manage your personal information and how to contact us if you have any privacy concerns.

This Rex Group Privacy Policy (RGPP) applies to all personal information collected, held and used by the Rex Group from our guests, visitors to the Rex Group's website www.rex.com.au or that of any of its subsidiaries, subscribers to our email distribution , followers on social media, purchasers of our services and products and any other individual who interacts with us.

We also have terms that apply when you travel with us, use our websites join loyalty programs, or purchase goods & services from us. Please read these terms prior to purchasing any services or products from us or using our websites, or when you are directed to do so during your online transactions with the Rex Group.

This Privacy Policy also confirms our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Australian Privacy Principles, or APPS.

2. Collecting Personal Information
The type of personal information Regional Express and its subsidiaries collect from you will be dependent on the circumstances and/or on the type of service that you may have requested. It may include details such as (but not limited to):

  • your name,
  • gender,
  • date of birth,
  • contact details,
  • passport details,
  • driver’s license details,
  • details from any photo identification produced,
  • flight & other details,
  • loyalty program details,
  • credit card number, and
  • health issues & dietary requirements relevant to your travel.

This personal information is collected from you so that we are able to:

  • respond to your enquiries;
  • provide you with services & products that you may have requested;
  • verify your identity prior to check-in when flying with us or when visiting one of our lounges;
  • comply with our legal & regulatory obligations; and
  • conduct marketing activities for our products & services or products that you may be interested in.

We will collect different types of personal information from you depending on how you interact with us and how we can help you.

The types of personal information that we may collect are set out below:

  • When you book a flight with us online, over the phone or through one of our travel or booking agents, we may collect your name, address, phone number, email address, credit card details, date of birth, passport details, membership number and information about your travel plans. If it is relevant to you and your travel with us, we may also collect information about your dietary requirements and health issues, such as assistance required during boarding.
  • At check-in, we will already hold some of your personal information and we may also collect your passport or driver's licence number, for identification purposes. Please refer to ‘Government Related Identifiers’ in this RGPP.
  • When you subscribe to an email distribution list, we may collect your name, email address, postcode, nearest airport, membership number and employer's contact details (where you have specified a business address). In addition we may also collect your travel history, sporting & lifestyle interests and your membership of other airline loyalty programs.
  • We use cookies and other web-tracking tools on our website. These tools collect and use your personal information. You can read about how we use cookies in this RGPP here.
  • If you give us feedback about our services or products, then we will collect the personal information that you provide.
  • If you use social media to interact with us, we may collect your user name and any information that you allow the social media site to share with us; such as your profile picture, posts, friends list and contact details.
  • If you are applying for employment with us, you may read about personal information collected during the employment process.
  • If you call us at the Customer Contact Centre or elsewhere, we may, but are not obligated to, record the calls for training, audit and legal reasons.
  • We will collect any personal information that you provide in forms that you complete for us; such as medical clearance forms, claim forms, unaccompanied minor forms, etc. These forms may be paper, or electronic on our websites.
  • If you enter one of our competitions, we will collect the information specified in the entry form.
  • If you are a shareholder we (or our agent) will collect certain details about you for registration purposes, such as your name, address, number of shares held, tax file number and bank account details. We are required to maintain a register of shareholders under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

We may collect personal information from the following sources:

  • Our airline partners.
  • Our travel agents and booking agents and websites, where you book (or make enquiries to book) your flight through them.
  • Our corporate partners, such as car rental providers, accommodation partners, airport transfer and parking providers, and travel insurance providers.
  • If your ticket is provided through your employer's corporate travel agreement with the Rex Group, we will collect your personal information from the corporate account holder or the relevant travel management company.
  • We collect personal information contained in CCTV footage from the airports where we operate including other Company premises such as our corporate Head Quarters. For more information about our CCTV Policy please click here.
  • We collect personal information from immigration, customs, border security and other regulatory authorities.
  • We may collect personal information from third parties who provide services; such as call centres, catering, airport lounges and ground handling services.
  • If you make a claim, we will collect information from you, but we may also collect information from others (such as airport security) in order to process your claim.
  • If you make a purchase on-board and pay by card, we use a third party service provider to process the payment. That third party will collect your personal information and provide it to us so that we can process the payment. We don’t use that information for any other purpose.
  • We collect personal information from third parties that run competitions and other promotions for us or for which the Rex Group is the sponsor.
  • We collect personal information from your share broker when you purchase shares in Regional Express.
  • We collect personal information from you when you provide feedback or make an enquiry.

We will notify you when we collect personal information from you or about you from someone else. Depending on how you have interacted with us, we may provide a link to this Privacy Policy or advise you verbally over the phone.

Where we collect your personal information from someone other than you, it is generally because you have made a booking through one of our agents or partners, or we are required to by law. If we collect information from you because we are required to or authorised by an Australian law or court or tribunal order to do so, we will tell you and we will include the details of the law, court or tribunal order.

As the Rex Group is required by law to obtain your consent to the collection of ‘sensitive information’ relevant for your travel arrangements, we will assume that you have consented to the collection of all information (including sensitive information) which is provided to us for use in accordance with this RGPP, unless you have informed us otherwise. We will only collect sensitive information (which is a category of personal information that includes information about things like your health, dietary information, political or religious opinions, sexual preferences and genetic or biometric information) from you with your consent and where it is reasonably necessary for us to provide you with our services or carry out our functions or activities.

If we cannot collect personal information (including sensitive information) from you, we may not be able to provide you with our services or products. For example, we will need your personal details in order to book a flight. You cannot fly with us if you do not give us that information.

Another example would be if you have a health condition which means you will need some assistance with boarding; we will collect information about this from you, however you must give your consent first. If we need to use or disclose your personal information for a purpose that is not set out in our RGPP, or that is otherwise unrelated to the purpose for which we collected your personal information, we will obtain your consent first.

There are some circumstances where we may not need your consent, and these are set out in the Privacy Act. This covers things like our dealings with Australian customs and other law enforcement bodies. You can read more about this here.

The Rex Group will, at all times, collect personal information in a fair and lawful manner.

2.1 Employment Process
When you apply for a job with us, we will collect personal information, including sensitive information, as part of the application process.

We may also obtain personal information about you from third parties, for example, from your previous employers or nominated referees. We collect personal information for the purpose of assessing and progressing your application. We will hold your personal information for future job opportunities with us unless you tell us not to. We destroy hard copies of your personal information when we no longer require this information.

We may disclose your personal information to our related entities, your referees and also to third party suppliers that we use to help with our recruitment processes, such as recruitment agencies and organisations. We may also disclose your personal information to law enforcement agencies to verify whether you have a criminal record.

3. CCTV Policy
We operate CCTV cameras in the Rex domestic terminals of the airport and within our workplaces. All places where CCTV is in operation will have signage that state CCTV in operation. We may collect personal information from you, if you are reasonably identifiable from the images captured by these cameras. We collect such personal information so that we can maintain security at our terminals and workplaces and meet our legal & regulatory obligations.

We use and disclose images captured by our CCTV cameras (which may include your personal information, if you are reasonably identifiable in the recording) for the purposes of:

  • monitoring access to our terminals and workplaces;
  • identifying security threats or unusual behaviours;
  • investigating accidents or incidents in connection with complaints, claims or other safety or security issues or investigations;
  • liaising with airport authorities, security and management, and
  • liaising with law enforcement agencies and regulators.

Our use or disclosure for any or all of the above purposes may also result in your personal information being disclosed to our related bodies, corporate and third parties who provide us with (or help us) operate and manage the CCTV cameras, including image recording and storage services and telecommunications services. We do not use or disclose the images captured by our CCTV cameras for any other purpose.

If you do not wish to be recorded by our CCTV cameras, then you will be unable to attend our terminals or workplaces. We are unable to switch on/off the CCTV cameras on an individual basis.

We are unlikely to disclose your personal information contained in CCTV recordings made by us to persons located overseas, unless we are required or authorised by law or court/tribunal order, or otherwise under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

4. Anonymous or Use of a Pseudonym
You have the option to remain anonymous or use a name other than your own (a ‘pseudonym’). We will try to provide you with this option wherever we can. However, you won't be able to be anonymous or use a pseudonym if you would like to fly with us, use any of our services or if you would like to work with us. We need to know who you are.

5. Usage and Disclosure
We will only use and disclose your personal information that we hold about you for the primary and related purposes for which we collected it, and for any other purpose you consent to. We may use your personal information to:

  • Process your travel arrangements.
  • Keep sales records.
  • Facilitate participation in any competitions.
  • Distribute newsletters and other communications either ourselves or with assistance of third party services providers.
  • Communicate with you about your booking, provide in-flight and related services and validate your identity at check-in or baggage collection. We may also communicate with you after your flight, including requesting your feedback about your experience with us.
  • Communicate with our airline partners and other airlines about your booking or your frequent flyer programs, for partner recognition and benefits.
  • Communicate with our corporate partners to process your booking and travel arrangements and, if applicable, to arrange complimentary partner membership and other benefits for you.
  • Communicate with our travel and booking agents and website providers, about your booking and your experience with us, including any feedback we receive from you about your experience.
  • Share personal information with our related entities, including to enable us to send you marketing materials based on your membership activities and other online behaviours. To read about our marketing practices click here.
  • Communicate with third parties who provide prizes for promotions or competitions, including your contact details and other information you provide when entering a competition.
  • Receive services from our third party service providers, including but not limited to those providing catering, ground handling, airport lounge, technology & related support services, call centre services, marketing and advertising services, payment fulfilment & fraud protection services and data analysts, as part of our activities and operations.
  • Communicate with a corporate account holder about your booking and travel arrangements (if your flight booking is made through your employer’s corporate travel agreement with Rex), including disclosing check-in, ‘no-show’ or boarding status.
  • Communicate with a travel agency about your booking and travel arrangements (if your flight booking is made through a travel agency) including disclosing check-in, ‘no-show’ or boarding status.
  • If your flight booking is part of a group booking, communicate with the person who made the booking on your behalf and other persons included in the group booking about your booking and travel arrangements. We will also communicate with frequent flight rewards programs, if your membership number has been included in the booking.
  • If your flight booking is made by another person on your behalf, communicate with that person who made the booking, about your booking and travel arrangements.
  • Communicate with our professional service providers and insurance companies, as part of our operations.
  • Determine issues of passenger safety and whether a passenger is fit to fly with us.
  • Communicate with you about our offers, and those of our related entities and partners, and to identify products and services that may be of interest to you. We may also conduct customer satisfaction surveys and other market research. We could use and disclose personal information to our marketing service providers. You can read more about our marketing practices here.
  • Provide customer support including responding to feedback and complaints.
  • Meet our audit, reporting and investigations requirements and for operational or regulatory compliance purposes. This includes us communicating with law enforcement agencies and regulators, both in Australia and overseas.
  • Help us continuously improve the services and products we offer our guests.
  • Ensure the safety and security of all passengers when travelling with us.
  • Register any shareholding you may have in Rex and to contact you in relation to that shareholding.
  • Maintain records and comply with our legal obligations.
  • Achieve any other objectives to which you have given consent. For example, if you are benefitting from the Local Fare Scheme subsidy by the Queensland Government, we will report your details to the Queensland Government, such reporting being accepted by you when you applied for eligibility.

The Rex Group may disclose your personal information to others in connection with us and for the provision of our travel services including travel insurance parties and ground handling services, other carriers for codeshare and transfer arrangements, third parties who provide or deliver prizes for competitions and the relevant gaming regulator. We may also disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so. If we need to use your personal information for any other purpose, we will obtain your consent first, unless:

  • we are required by law to do so. This will often cover our dealings with Australian customs and other law enforcement authorities; or
  • we are required or authorised under the Privacy Act. You can read more about this here.

Our share register is available for inspection by the public as required under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). The information collected in connection with your shareholding may also be disclosed to regulatory bodies such as the Australian Taxation Office, as well as to print service providers and mail houses.

6. Disclosure of Information Overseas
The Rex Group do not normally contract out services overseas that involve disclosing personal information, so personal information will not normally be disclosed to third parties overseas. If the Rex Group contract out services overseas where personal information may be disclosed to third parties who may be located overseas, we are required to take measures to ensure that your information will be protected. In addition to any local data privacy laws to which those entities are subjected, we will have measures in place to ensure that those parties hold and use such information in accordance with the consent provided by the individual and in accordance with our obligations under the Privacy Act.

Please refer to exceptions and new circumstances here.

7. Using Personal Information for Marketing Purposes
Personal information may be used from time to time for marketing purposes. Please contact us to tell us your marketing preferences. We use personal information that we hold about you to identify services and products that may be of interest to you. If you have consented or if otherwise permitted by law, we may also contact you by email with marketing material that may interest you if you have provided us with your email address in connection with your enquiry. We may contact you by email, text message, phone or by post to let you know about flight specials, our promotions or any new or existing products or services. We also use internet-based marketing including targeted online advertising and online behavioural marketing however, in all such cases, you will be given the option to unsubscribe from further communications of that nature. We will not use your health information or other sensitive information that we hold about you for marketing purposes without your consent.

You have the right to request not to receive direct marketing communications from us, or request us to provide our source of your personal information. You can let us know at any time if you no longer wish to receive marketing materials from us, our related entities or our partners. The Rex Group will comply with these requests within a reasonable period and free of charge.

We will assume that, unless you tell us otherwise, you consent to the collection of the information that you provide to us (either directly or indirectly) for the use and disclosure by us in accordance with this RGPP.

8. Government Related Identifiers
Your passport or driver's licence number are known as ‘government related identifiers’. We only use these numbers to verify your identity when you are travelling with us. We may need to disclose these details to law enforcement agencies or if we are otherwise required to do so by law or court order. You will not be uniquely identified in our systems by these identifiers.

9. Holding and Keeping Personal Information Safe
The Rex Group mostly holds personal information electronically (including telephone recordings and emails) in our IT systems and databases. The Rex Group takes reasonable steps to protect information that we hold about you from misuse, interference and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We do this by having physical and electronic security systems and by limiting who can access your personal information. We also have online and network security systems in place for our websites, so that the information you provide us online is protected and secure.

The following is a description of the website security we deploy. The Rex Group website and its subsidiary Company websites use Secure Sockets Layer (‘SSL’) encryption technology which can help prevent unauthorised third parties intercepting information passing between Rex Group websites and your browser. If encrypted transmission is indicated, Rex currently uses 256 bit SSL encryption. Your browser should indicate whether the information you are sending Rex is encrypted or unencrypted.

SSL enabled web pages can be identified by their URL: they begin with 'https://'. In contrast, standard pages generally begin with 'http://'.

Due to the nature of the internet, no one, including the Rex Group, can guarantee that data passing over the Internet cannot be intercepted or used by unauthorised third parties. Accordingly, although the Rex Group works hard to protect that information, it cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to it and will not be responsible for any events arising from unauthorised access to the information you provide. Once the Rex Group receives information that you have transmitted to it, the Rex Group will take reasonable steps to preserve the security of that information in its own systems. Please contact us if you become aware of any breach of security.

In the event we receive information that the Rex Group did not intend to collect, or if the Rex Group determines that we no longer need that information, it would be destroyed or de-identified if it is not contained in a Commonwealth record and if no longer needed for a lawful purpose under the APPs.

10. Accessing and Updating Personal Information
We try to ensure the information that we hold about you is accurate, complete, relevant and up-to-date. We do this by regularly reviewing our customer databases and updating or removing out-of-date, misleading or incorrect data. Please help us to do this by letting us know if your details change or we send you an email or letter that contains incorrect details. You have a right to request access and correct the personal information that we hold about you. If you would like to check that the information we hold about you is correct, find out about what information we hold about you, or make a correction, please contact us, either by calling our Customer Contact Centre or making an online request. The Rex Group, upon request, will provide you with access to your personal information, or if the personal information it holds about you is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, it will update or correct it upon you contacting us. The Rex Group may require personal identification so that we can respond to your request. We cannot give you information about other people. Please click here to read about exceptions.

Sometimes we will be able to respond to your query over the phone, but sometimes we may need your request in writing and we might need some time to gather the requested information and get back to you. The more complex requests will take approximately 30 days for a response. We might need to send a copy of the information to you by post or we might ask you to come and see us to have a look at the information.

Making a request is free, but depending on what information you request access to, we may recover from you reasonable costs of supplying you with access to the information. The charges will not be excessive and we will let you know if a charge is applicable before we proceed with giving you access. There is no charge for updating or correcting your personal information.

There may be reasons that we cannot provide you with access to the personal information, or we refuse to correct your personal information. If this is the case, we will provide you with reasons for the refusal in writing, and inform you of any exceptions relied upon under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the APPs. If the Rex Group refuses to correct your personal information that we hold, you can ask us to associate with that information a statement that the information is inaccurate, out-of-date, irrelevant or misleading. We will take reasonable steps to associate this statement with your personal information that we hold so that users of the information are aware of it; or if we refuse you access to your personal information, you can make a complaint about this by following the complaint procedures in this RGPP.

If we update information that we hold about you, and we have given this information to a third party, then we will take reasonable steps to ask that third party to also update the information that it holds about you.

11. Cookies and Web-tracking Tools
Cookies are tiny files sent to your browser and stored by your browser on your computer or other device that you are using to access our websites. Cookies are used to give you the best experience of our websites and for marketing purposes.

We match information gathered from cookies with information that you have provided about yourself, or that we have collected about you for the purposes explained in our RGPP.

Some cookies support the function of services that you need from rex.com.au. These services include:

  • maintaining a successful connection to our web-server,
  • booking a flight,
  • login to Business Flyer portal
  • login to Travel Agent portal, or
  • login to Job portal.

The cookies used to support these services are classed as service-critical cookies. Other cookies on our site are used for supporting effective advertising and anonymous tracking analysis through our website & partner pages, and remembering your booking contact details for convenience. These functions do not support the primary services offered through our site; as a result they are classed as non-service-critical cookies.

Here is a list of all cookies that Rex sets and how we use them:

Cookie Name Purpose

Session cookie

  • Used to maintain your transaction with Rex (expires within a 5 minute period).
  • Minimises the need to transfer your information across the internet.
Remember my details cookie
  • This cookie stores your contact details from a successful booking. These details will be auto populated when a booking is made again.

Here is a list of some cookies that may be set by our business partners on rex.com.au:

Partner Usage
  • Booking.com is our partner to supply hotel deals to our customers. Cookies are added by Booking.com to collect information about customer language, currency selected, check in/check out dates selected. Please click here to see their privacy policy.

If you wish to continue using rex.com.au you need to accept cookies. Please be aware that accepting cookies will result in cookies being set (subject to browser settings) and that any further use of this site will be taken as accepting their use.

If you wish to go straight to our internet booking engine, and avoid non-service-critical cookies on the website, but accept the use of service-critical cookies to make a booking, you can do so by not accepting cookies but go straight to select airports (origin and destination), select dates and click on ‘Book Now’.

You can request that we stop storing cookies on your computer, and that we don't set any more.

Please be aware that if you decline the use of cookies set by Rex on rex.com.au you will be unable to use our website. This limitation does not apply to cookies set by our business partners.

We use Google Analytics , which is a web-tracking tool that generates detailed statistics about traffic to our websites and traffic sources. Google Analytics only provides us with aggregated data (not personal information of our website visitors). The information we collect about our website users includes:

  • your computer’s IP address or the Unique Device Identifier (if you access our website using a smart phone or other mobile device);
  • the date and time of your visits to our websites;
  • pages on our websites that you accessed;
  • the type of browser you use;
  • your region;
  • the services or products you have viewed or purchased (including flight bookings that you have searched but not booked); and
  • other enquiries that you make through our website.

The cookies and web-tracking tools on our websites allow our websites to interact more efficiently with the device you are using. We use them to track your use of our websites and to compile data that can help us improve the content and functioning of our websites.

12. Availability and Changes to the Rex Group Privacy Policy
The RGPP is available on our website www.rex.com.au.The Rex Group may update this policy from time to time. This version was last updated in August 2020. Changes are effective upon posting on the website. By continuing to use our websites or otherwise continuing to deal with us, you accept this RGPP as it applies from time to time.

If you would like us to send you a copy of our RGPP by post, please call us at the Customer Contact Centre or make a request online and we will send you one for free.

13. Privacy Complaints or Concerns
If you have a concern about your privacy, or you have any queries in relation to this policy or its administration or if you have a privacy complaint, please contact us;

  • by calling our Customer Contact Centre at 13 17 13, or
  • online at Online Help

Once we have received your complaint, we will investigate and respond to you as soon as we can. We try to do this within 15 working days of receiving your complaint. If this is not possible, we will contact you and let you know when we will respond to your complaint.

We take any privacy complaint seriously and will deal with your complaint fairly and promptly. However if you are not satisfied with our response or how we handled your complaint, you may complain to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (in writing) at:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 1042
Phone: 1300 363 992
email: privacy@privacy.gov.au

If your complaint relates to our airline services (rather than being privacy-related), and you have not received satisfaction with our feedback processes at Online Help you can contact the Airline Customer Advocate, a regulatory body which is a further avenue for complaints against airlines in Australia, at 1800 813 129.


Last updated : December 2020