Safe Hand Baggage

What is Safe Hand Baggage?

Safe Hand Baggage enables a passenger to be in possession of baggage which would otherwise be checked in as part of their checked baggage allowance between check-in and boarding.

Passengers will have full access to the contents of their Safe Hand Baggage, with the exception of the duration of the flight. The baggage will be handed over to Rex crew at boarding and be available for collection at disembarkation.

Safe Hand Baggage is not permitted inside the cabin.

The maximum weight limit for Safe Hand Baggage is the passenger’s checked baggage allowance. It may consist of a portion or the entirety of the passenger’s checked baggage allowance. However, excess baggage charges will apply if the total combined weight of Safe Hand Baggage and other checked items (if any) exceeds the total baggage allowance. To check free baggage allowances please refer to our website here. To avoid excess baggage charges, Additional Baggage may be purchased when booking.

Please note that Safe Hand Baggage is separate from carry-on baggage which the passenger is still entitled to take into the aircraft cabin, in accordance with their carry-on baggage allowance.

A fee of $50.00 + GST applies for Safe Hand Baggage, which can be purchased at check-in counter in airport.

Safe Hand Baggage charges do not apply for passengers travelling with wheelchairs, prams and medical equipment required between check-in and boarding

Terms and Conditions

As Safe Hand Baggage is screened through Airport Security, its contents are subject to all carry-on baggage restrictions. The following items are not permitted as Safe Hand Baggage:

  • Weapons & Firearms
  • Sporting Goods
  • Sharp objects that are not weapons, but are capable (with or without modification) of causing harm by penetration
  • Blunt objects that can be used to bludgeon or threaten to bludgeon someone
  • Flammable goods
  • Items capable of restraining someone

Rex will not be held responsible or liable should the Airport Security Screening staff confiscate any item/s in your possession. Items must not be added or removed from the Safe Hand Baggage upon check-in completion.

Safe Hand Baggage must be placed at the bottom of the stairs prior to entering the aircraft. The baggage will also be present at the bottom of the stairs upon arrival for passenger retrieval.