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Carriage of Weapons

If you wish to transport a firearm, ammunition or weapon you must book through a Travel Agent or the Rex Customer Contact Centre. Please advise them that you wish to carry a firearm, ammunition or weapon.

The below rules apply when transporting such elements:-

  • All firearms, ammunition and weapons must be carried in the checked luggage;
  • All firearms must be unloaded and any firearms with a bolt must have the bolt removed;
  • All other weapons must be rendered safe;
  • All firearms and weapons must be declared to REX staff at check-in;
  • For the carriage of firearms the shooters licence / police identification / ADF identification (which ever is appropriate) must be produced at check-in;
  • No more than 5 KG of ammunition may be carried and must be packed in manufacturers packaging (Law enforcement officers and ADF personnel may carry ammunition in no more than 2 magazines);
  • The firearm or weapon must be carried in a locked bag or case; pepper sprays.
  • No disabling sprays may be carried in REX aircraft.

Please contact the Rex Customer Contact Centre for further information.