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Customer Charter

Rex believes in the provision of sustainable essential regional and domestic air services through our commitment to safety, simplicity, reliability and good value.

The Rex Customer Charter spells out our service commitment to our passengers which goes beyond our obligations under the Australian Consumer Law.

1. Our Primary Responsibilities
Safety is our first priority in all we do. Sometimes this could mean that we have to disrupt your itinerary to ensure that the safety of passengers and staff is not compromised.

After safety, we believe that our primary responsibility to you is reliability. We are committed to having the best on time performance and the lowest cancellation rates possible. In this respect, Rex has consistently achieved industry-leading On Time Performance and the lowest cancellation rates amongst all the major carriers in Australia.

2. Our Airfares
Regional aviation is intrinsically less efficient due to poorer economies of scale associated with operating smaller aircraft optimised for smaller regional markets. In spite of this, Rex has chosen to keep its fares reasonable as part of our commitment to good value. The need to have a sustainable service means that our fares should also provide us with a reasonable return on capital. Therefore, you should not expect our regional fares to be as low as what Low Cost Carriers can provide flying much larger aircraft and longer distances.

Rex commenced domestic services to bring Australians a domestic carrier that is safe, reliable and affordable. More importantly, Australia needs an alternative carrier that is profitable and hence sustainable. Our commitment to value for money extends to domestic operations as well and we strive to provide the best value of all domestic carriers for the fares that we charge.

3. Your Rights and Responsibilities
Rex’s commitment to you is our best endeavours to bring you to your destination in a safe, reliable and affordable manner. Although Rex has one of the best track records in safety and reliability, Rex is not able to guarantee outcomes just as the best surgeon in the world is not able to do so either. Things inevitably fail in airline travel and it is very important that you be aware of what Rex will and will not do when things do go wrong and not according to plan. This is clearly spelt out in our Conditions of Carriage and forms part of our mutual contractual obligations when you purchase a ticket with us. Nothing in these Conditions of Carriage will diminish the consumer guarantees in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.

4. Special Requirements
If you have any special requirements, you should make this known at time of booking (a service fee may be applicable for some special requirements) as part of the online integrated booking process. You can also add on your special requirements later online. You can call our Customer Contact Centre to arrange for your special requirements up to 24 hours before departure but this will incur an administrative fee for the manual processing of your request.

5. Privacy
We understand the importance of your privacy and as such we respect your personal information. Rex complies with the Australian Privacy laws. Please view our privacy policy to see how we will handle your personal information.

6. Preserving the Environment
We are committed to preserving the environment to the measure of our capabilities and we have undertaken initiatives in response to the Energy Efficient Opportunities Program. We understand the importance of supporting the principles of environmental sustainability and applying such principles and practices to our everyday functions through the Group Environmental Management Program that can be viewed here. Certain on-board offerings have been modified for environmental purposes like limiting the use of Single Use Plastics.

7. Hearing From You
All feedback, including compliments and suggestions for improvements, can be submitted through our website here. Please allow up to 15 business days for us to respond. Additional time may be required for more complex issues. All feedback is reviewed by at least one senior manager to do justice to your comments.

Should you not be satisfied with the response, you may write to our Chairman who commits to personally reviewing your case:

8. The Airline Customer Advocate (ACA)
If after the review you are still not satisfied, you may write to the Airline Customer Advocate (ACA). The ACA is a national body, of which Rex is a founding member, whose charter is to facilitate the efficient resolution of complaints that have not been able to be resolved by direct communication between the Customer and the Airline.

You can contact the Airline Customer Advocate here. The ACA publishes annually statistics on the handling of complaints by all the major carriers and you will note that Rex typically has the lowest percentage of unresolved conflicts.