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Alan Joyce
CEO Qantas

I’m pleased to congratulate Rex on 10 years of operation.

While Qantas and Rex are competitors, we share a commitment to serving regional Australia. 

Regional Australia is home to millions of Australians, large and small businesses and world-class tourism attractions.  Aviation plays an essential role in supporting these communities and the economic activity they depend on – almost a unique role in global terms, given Australia’s sheer size and widely dispersed population. 

By taking on two of Ansett's subsidiaries in 2001, Rex helped maintain Australia's regional aviation network at a challenging time for the industry.  To bring together two distinct airlines - each with a rich history - and build an entirely new carrier with a strong brand of its own has been a significant accomplishment.

Rex is also making an important contribution to developing aviation skills in Australia through its Wagga Wagga-based pilot academy, and is a big sponsor of regional events and charitable initiatives.

Aviation is a 24/7 business, but when anniversaries come round it's important to look back and reflect.  I hope everyone at Rex finds time to celebrate the achievements of the past 10 years. 

Again, on behalf of the Qantas Group, many congratulations.


Subhas Menon
Regional Vice President
Singapore Airlines

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate Regional Express on their 10th Anniversary. Rex is exemplary of the enterprising spirit and commitment to efficiency of Singapore. Aviation has been afflicted by many natural and man-made challenges in the last 10 years.  Rex is a stand out as a successful stand-alone regional airline as it not only survived but managed to grow despite the devastating drought and floods of 2008 and 2011 as well as the GFC and the current global economic uncertainty. Australia has benefitted from an efficient and reliable regional airline like Rex. I wish Rex and its staff many happy returns on its birthday with many more to come.


Chin Yau Seng
Tiger Airways Australia

Congratulations to Regional Express (REX) on its 10th anniversary.

Rex has made great strides as an airline group since its formation in 2002, through the amalgamation of Hazelton and Kendell Airlines.  The tenacity of its management and staff has not only seen Rex survive its early years, but enabled it to grow into a strong business that plays an important role in Australian aviation, serving regional communities.

The efforts of the staff at Rex in building a quality operation deserve recognition.  Their “can do” attitude is what makes all the difference.  It is the same determination and spirit that we have seen in our team in Tiger Airways Australia, as they strive to build a sustainable business, focused on delivering reliable, punctual, friendly and affordable air travel to consumers, after a major setback last year.

On behalf of the Tiger Airways team, I salute our counterparts in Rex for the fantastic job they have done in bringing their company this far in only ten years.

May we wish Rex another ten good years ahead.


Michael Magnusson
President and CEO
Saab Aircraft Leasing

For all of us at Saab, working with Regional Express (Rex) and its predecessors has been a great pleasure.  Kendell Airlines was one of the early launch customers in 1984 as it correctly identified the new 30-seat Saab 340 as an ideal aircraft for regional routes in Australia. This was followed by Hazelton Airlines which also choose the Saab 340 in 1990.  The legacy of these two carriers continued on in Rex.

Looking around the globe today, many airlines are in turmoil, the market is in constant change. Outside factors create constant new challenges. Rex has weathered these by staying focused on its core business. This is evidenced by the many industry awards bestowed upon Rex including the prestigious ATW Regional Airline of the World award. 

As Rex celebrates its tenth anniversary, all of us at Saab salute the Executive Chairman Lim Kim Hai, its management and staff for a job well done, you all should be proud of this achievement.  Rex has become a strong brand throughout the industry, symbolising dedication and sound business judgment whilst creating a good working environment and returns to its shareholders. All necessary factors for a stable business entity, ready to weather future challenges.


John Borghetti
CEO Virgin Australia

I would like to congratulate Regional Express on reaching ten years of service in Australia.

Rex has grown considerably over the past decade and has played an important role in supporting regional Australia during that time. The airline should be commended for the way it has partnered with regional communities to support marginal routes, bringing the benefits of air travel to remote parts of Australia.

At Virgin Australia, we believe competition is vital to a successful aviation industry and Rex has made a significant contribution in this respect. We support the airline’s commitment to keeping fares affordable for Australians by challenging monopoly routes.

Rex has also contributed a great deal to regional communities through supporting local charities and investing in programs to train Australian pilots, which is very important for the future of our industry.

Rex should be very proud of its achievements over the past decade and I wish the team all the best for the decade ahead.


Michael Bridge

The Board and all members of the RAAA wish to sincerely congratulate Rex on its tenth anniversary.  Rex is making an outstanding contribution to regional Australia and remains Australia’s largest independent regional carrier.  As well as its high quality RPT network Rex also has established a state of the art flight training facility at Wagga Wagga Airport. Students are supported during their training through Rex’s innovative cadet scheme, a model which is considered one of the best in the industry.

Over the past ten years, Rex has been at the cutting edge of aviation policy and regulation development.  Many of the technological and operational improvements in regional aviation in recent years have become reality, because of Rex’s commitment to engaging closely with government and industry leaders.

If you speak to the people of regional Australia there is no doubt in the faith they have in Rex’s services.  The aircraft and crews are considered first-rate and an essential part of Australia’s regional infrastructure.

There is no doubt that Rex will remain at the forefront of regional aviation for many years to come and is to be applauded soundly for its exemplary commitment to regional Australia.