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An excess baggage fee of $7.70 (Inc GST) will be levied for each additional kg in excess of the 15kg limit or $16.50 per piece if size exceeds linear dimension limits (as above).

Excess Baggage ¡V International Connecting Passengers

  • The baggage allowance is 20kg regardless of the class of travel. International baggage (all classes of travel) in excess of 15kg will be uplifted subject to capacity and in excess of 20kg is subject to excess charges of $7.70 (Inc GST) per kg.
  • Baggage in excess of 32kg (per item) will be consigned as air freight.
  • The Domestic passenger checked in baggage allowance is 15kgs, with excess baggage subject to the same charges
    as international passengers. Domestic Excess baggage will be off loaded first where there are weight constraints.

The maximum size and weight per piece of baggage that can be accepted at our customer terminals:

  • Size – 158 linear cm (Depth plus Height plus Length)
  • Weight - 32kg

Golf Equipment

  • Is considered part of normal baggage weight and can be carried free if the customer's total checked weight is within the entitled free weight allowance.
  • When carried in addition to the allowance, normal excess baggage charges apply.
  • The maximum permitted length is 2m due to aircraft cargo hold constraints. For longer surfboards, passengers need to seek the advice of their own freight agents for separate shipment.
  • As surfboards are part of checked baggage, total checked baggage weight above 15 kgs will be subject to excess baggage charges and offloads – see section on Excess Baggage.
  • When carried in addition to the allowance normal excess baggage charges apply.
  • NOTE: Wave Jet devices are forbidden for carriage on aircraft due to the capacity of the battery.
Bicycles (Non Motorised, Single Seat)
  • Limited to one per customer.
  • Bike boxes are the preferred method of packaging.
  • If not supplied, handlebars will need to be turned in, pedals and front wheel removed from front forks and strapped to rear wheel, and chain suitably protected.
  • If considered part of normal baggage weight it can be carried free if the customer's total checked weight is within the entitled free weight allowance. When carried in addition to the allowance normal excess baggage charges apply.
  • Standard allowance of 15kg for each passenger occupying a seat.
  • 10kg for infants not occupying a seat.
  • Linear dimension restriction of 140cm per piece (Depth plus Height plus Length) applies.
  • Snow Ski's are exempt from the linear restriction, however excess baggage charges will apply if the total baggage including snow skis exceeds the 15kg limit.

Acceptance of Animals

Domestic animals, with the exception of assistance animals will be accepted for check-in provided the animal is carried in a suitable domestic animal container that that is clean and secure and meets the specifications as set out in the Domestic Animal Container Requirements. Animals will be accepted as excess baggage only and charged at the current excess baggage rate per kilogram. Hoofed animals are not accepted on any Rex services.

NOTE TO ALL SOUTH AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND AND NEWCASTLE TRAVELLERS: Adelaide, Newcastle, Townsville, Brisbane and Cairns airports have advised that, with the exception of assistance animals, no animals are accepted within the terminal building. All animals must be lodged with Qantas Freight (excluding QLD regulated routes) or Dogtainers (accepts freight on QLD regulated routes) and travel as cargo. Dogtainers can be contacted on 1300 13 52 52 or through

Please be aware that Qantas Freight cannot accept live animal bookings on the day of travel and must be submitted a minimum of three business day (72 hours) prior to the scheduled time of departure. For urgent booking requests (less than three full business days before departure) please call 13 12 13.

For additional information regarding baggage please contact 13 17 13.

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