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Rex, you're like a member of my family, there in good times and in bad. You got me to my mother's bedside before she passed away. You've taken my elderly father between Narrandera/Leeton and Sydney for doctors' visits and operations so often that some of the staff in both airports know him by name! You've taken me in comfort to visit my family, providing all the little touches.

I know I am always safe and welcomed- Happy 10th Birthday!!
Colleen Abela, Sydney NSW

Congratulations Rex on your 10th Anniversary.  I love flying Rex - friendly, professional staff, reliable arrival and departure times, comfortable seating and personalised service.  What more could you ask for?!
Gail Adler, Port Lincoln SA

Over the past six and a half years, I have flown with Rex for more that five hundred times. The ground staff have always been polite, courteous and well presented. On every flight, I found Rex's flying staff to be highly proficient and very safety conscious. On one occasion, fog was too thick at a regional airport. The captain made three attempts to land, then he determined that the conditions weren’t safe enough to land, so the plane returned to Sydney.

Congratulations to Rex for completing ten years of service to regional Australia.
Pavan Aggarwal, Sydney NSW

As a consultant working with government agencies all over the State, I have flown a lot over the past ten years, and Rex has been the one airline I consistently tell about to friends and colleagues.They fly to the places I want to be and are more often than not, on time. When unforeseen circumstances do occur, they are the only airline who lets you know with some accuracy when the delayed flight will actually leave, which is important so you can let family and work colleagues know.

Well done on surviving ten years so far Rex, and looking forward to the next decade!
Robert Alder, Sydney NSW

We never take it for granted that you have been and are a major player in the success of tourism on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.  You have hung in there and run a professional and efficient service not withstanding the challenges thrown at you at times. Thanks for the outstanding effort.
Genny & Caj (and family) Amadio, Glenelg SA

I have lived in Ballina for 30 years and have travelled many times to Sydney on East West, Ansett and Rex. I must say that when Rex took over it made a warm feeling in my heart that once again country people are respected. I do not fly much now but from what I have heard Rex is still the way to go!! Keep it up.
Soteri Anderson, Ballina NSW

Congratulations we are very fortunate to have Rex and to have competition in our area.  Good luck and keep up the great work.
Anne Maree Azar, Warren NSW

Congratulations on your achievements. You have made a big difference by providing your most valuable services to this rural community.

Be wishes for a continued record.
Henri Bader, Ballina NSW

When I have to do business in Sydney there is nothing so relaxing to me than the sight of that lovely Saab sitting on the apron waiting to take me back to my land and my people. For me Rex means home!
Peter Bamford, Pambula NSW

Congratulations to Rex on your 10th Anniversary. I have had many wonderful and safe flights out of the Burnie/Wynyard airport. The last time I travelled I needed car and wheelchair assistance- everyone was very helpful and courteous. I couldn't have wished for better service. Thanks to the Rex team.
Helen Barker, Wynyard TAS

Rex - well done on your 10th anniversary. I am a very happy customer because Rex always gets me to my destination on time & with exceptional service. THANK YOU REX!
Susan Barnett, Port Lincoln SA

Congratulations on your 10th Anniversary. I fly with Rex because I feel safe and you make me feel welcome. I hope I am still flying with you in another 10 years.
Patricia Barrett, Glenelg East SA

Rex has made it possible for me to travel to Albury-Wodonga, to see my family, for many years especially with their fantastic flight rewards. It wouldn’t have been possible to travel as often as I have done. I thank you with all my heart Rex for keeping me connected. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!
Matalita Barrott, Randwick NSW

I've been travelling with Rex ever since I was about 16 years old. That's more than 10 years ago now. It's the only way I can visit my family out in country NSW. Out of all the other airlines I've travelled with, I still look forward to getting on a Rex flight. The friendly welcoming smile and service is fantastic and I've never been able to find fault. I look forward to flying with Rex again shortly.
Hayleigh Bartram, Mudgeeraba QLD

I am honored to have traveled several times on Rex. The cabin crew treat you very specially and so do the airport staff. Having a family living interstate you have to travel often, so I hope Rex will always be there.
Patricia Bassett, Hoppers Crossing VIC

Great to see Rex still providing the country such good service. It was worrying when Ansett went belly-up and as I was based in Albury then we were worried we'd be left at Qantas' mercy. Keep up the good, mostly on-time service.
Terry Beath, Wollongong NSW

It is marvellous to have an efficient and available regional flight service.  I have enjoyed travelling between Armidale and Sydney regularly over the years and appreciate Rex's presence.
Prue Bedford, Perth WA

Congratulations to all for those ten years. I have flown with Rex only in the last five, but I always enjoy the experience, even when our flight could not land in Port Lincoln one day because of heavy fog!  To another 10 years and beyond!
Jules Belisle, Gippsland VIC

The reliable and always courteous service I have received from Rex over the past 10 years has simply added to the enjoyment and satisfaction I gained from my volunteer work with Australian Red Cross. The daily service from Parkes enabled me to fulfil monthly obligations in Sydney as a Country Zone Representative on the then NSW Board of Red Cross. Thank you Rex and sincere congratulations on your 10th anniversary!
Pamela Bell, Peak Hill NSW

Congratulations Rex on your 10th anniversary.

Without the service provided by ex between Broken Hill and Adelaide, I wouldn't have been able to fly back and forth from school as freely as I did. I always looked forward to my trips home and knew I could rely Rex to get me there. Hope the next 10 years are as valuable as the last.
Benjamin Bennett, NSW

I had excellent help from staff at Rex when I had injuried my knee & had a full knee brace on. I had to fly from Whyalla to Adelaide & return. The flight attendant was fantastic she moved me to the front so I could fit into the seat with ease and the pilot even held my handbag so I could hop up the steps to get to my seat. When leaving  Adelaide I was taken in a buggy to the plane early so I could get on. The staff on both flights did a fantastic job!! Even when my my bag got left in Adelaide the Rex staff brought my bag to my house when it finally arrived in Whyalla.
Jess Bennett, Whyalla Norrie SA

Congratulations on achieving this milestone and thanks for sending the bus back to the gate to get me on the flight to Wagga  when I forgot to check-in on arrival from the old Belmont Airport!    It was much appreciated and saved me such a long wait for the next flight and made me more careful about checking-in!!
Michele Bentley, Ardlethan NSW

As I fly often with Rex, faces become familiar and friendships form. The warm welcome; the can't do enough for you feeling; swapping recipes & jokes; seeing the latest pictures; the warm blanket, pillow & extra cuppa; the lift for old bones; the ‘let me settle you’, makes Rex feel a family friendly airline, not just another number.
Rose-Marie Berry, Coober Pedy SA

The staff at Rex are really fantastic. I recall flying one Christmas Day and leaving some chocolates with the flight attendant for her and the crew. On my return flight there was a cake waiting for me at the check-in from the flight attendant I had given the chocolates to with a little note thanking me for the Christmas chocolates! I had a smile on my face all the way home. Still get a smile thinking about it.
Michael Betts, Sutherland NSW

I live in Port Lincoln SA, and often commute to Adelaide for business and family events. Rex's large choice of flight times and their diligence to sticking to schedule, has made it possible to get to meetings and events on time, and back home to my family in Port Lincoln, with no stress! Congratulations Rex on your 10th Anniversary! May you continue to provide excellent, friendly, competitive, and on-time flight services to rural Australia for many years to come!!
Darren Binney, Port Lincoln SA

Congratulations on a fabulous job over the last decade, and may you prosper and expand to ever more destinations over the next one!
Nicole Birrell

When I retired late 2002 as CEO of a major cemetery and crematorium in Sydney my wife and I moved to Tura Beach/Merimbula on the beautiful far South Coast. I thought I was finished with work however in 2005 the State Government invited me to become a Trustee of Woronora General Cemetery and Crematotium  and later a member of the Crown Cemeteries Advisory Committee. I have had a wonderful seven years of contribution to the people of NSW because I could depend on Rex to fly me to Sydney and back to Merimbula the same day.
David Blake, Tura Beach NSW

Well done Rex. I spend half my life in your company and it is always an adventure. 
Anthony Body, Batemans Bay NSW

Every time we fly with Rex it's like we are all extended family, especially with the helpful and friendly Rex staff/Pilots. Once we are in the air, the passengers all start talking and it doesn't matter if it's your first or 50th flight, you are included if you wish into conversations, while having a cup of tea and biscuit. You feel like you have just taken off, and then not long after, the seatbelt light comes on and your landing at beautiful Wynyard/Burnie airport. Then comes the luggage, not a problem, in on trolleys and you pick up and then on your way to work or holidays.
Anthony Bourke

Congratulations to Rex on their 10th anniversary. Catholic Schools Office Wagga Wagga personnel are frequest users of the great Rex services to and from Wagga Wagga. Congratulations.
Alan Bowyer, Wagga Wagga NSW

Congratulations Rex on achieving the milestone of 10 years of service to the residents of Merimbula NSW. My family and I have enjoyed many flights to and from Merimbula - culminating in many delightful get togethers at Christmas especially!! Thanks Rex.
Valerie Boyd, Sandringham VIC

Congratulations REX on your 10 year anniversary. One thing that stands out to me is your focus on customer service and satisfaction. As an Audit & Assurance Partner at TNR in Lismore, I'm often flying to many regional and metropolitan destinations and the Rex team service has been fantastic on all of your routes. I look forward to supporting (and recommending) your airline for the next 10 years!
Adam Bradfield, Lismore NSW

I love flying with Rex from Sydney to Merimbula (on the far south coast of NSW) and return, you fly over such a spectactular part Australia. On this trip it was just after flooding rain of 600ml + over two weeks on the east coast. It was a beautiful day this day & our flight followed along the coast and the views of every river, lagoon, creek & wetland pouring into the sea was amazing, WOW I'll never forget it. Happy 10th anniversary Rex. Love your work!
Andrew Breheny, Bega NSW

The Rex service out of Lismore is consistently outstanding. Aaron, Corey and the team are wonderful - they make travelling a joy.  I heart Rex Lismore! Here's to another 10 years of great service guys!
Anne Briggs, Lismore NSW

Rex - Keeping families together.

My son, Geoff, his wife, Deena, and children Hannah and Josh live at Coffin Bay.  Hannah the elder is 9 yrs and since her birth I have been able to travel regularly, approx each quarter, to visit them at Coffin Bay. It has been a bit less in the last year as paying fares on a pension is a little more difficult.  However, I have been most grateful for my flights to Pt. Lincoln to keep in touch with the family.

Congratulations to Rex on your 10th Anniversary.
Joan Broad, Victor Harbour SA

I am pleased to say that Rex helped me complete a PhD in medieval and early modern English vagrancy law. The difficulty of living away from family throughout my studies was regularly overcome with a Rex flight to Wagga Wagga. Seen from my window, the wide landscape that is so undeniably Australian, and the familiar meanders of the Murrumbidgee, are cures for the at times narrow mental confines of the academic world. And, when it was too cloudy to gaze outside, I even did some of my reading or preparations for teaching!
Nicholas Brodie, Hobart TAS

Congratulations and Happy Birthday. I travel Rex whenever possible and if I could travel with them always I would. To reiterate a famous quote, "Simply the Best".
Jaquelene Brotherton, Melbourne VIC

Coming as I did out of the demise of Whyalla Airlines I took a particular interest in Rex's beginnings. I recall flying from Adelaide to Whyalla on Rex several times with just two passengers on board and one of them was me. The success of Rex today is a shining light to perseverance and regional aviation. Well done.
Chris Brougham, Glen Osmond SA

It is always a pleasure to fly with Rex as it allows our young grandchildren who love your sleek planes to meet us in their rural locality at Lismore. They get very excited seeing us arrive and leave by Rex.
Philip Brown, Denistone NSW

Congratulations and keep up the good work!  All the passengers that are vision impaired love the great service that you provide.
Jane Bryce, Chatswood NSW

My husband and I are also celebrating 10 years. I flew with Rex from Day 1. During the early days of our relationship, I recall sometimes being the only passenger on the flight! If it wasn’t for Rex, we wouldn’t have been able to afford the commute. Such special memories looking forward to our Friday nights together after the airport pick-up. The extra special cherry on  the top…on a Rex flight back to Melbourne in 2006, my then- boyfriend, took a box out of his pocket and placed it on my tray table and proposed at 30,000 feet!
Monica Bucci, Mildura VIC

Rex reminds me of how flying should be. You're not just a number, you're a person. I like the relaxed and respectful service. Long live Rex!
Kevin Buchan, Mont Albert VIC

Arriving at the crowded Ballina airport, just in time for check in, my less than hopeful request for a window seat was met with a cheery response that I could have the seat of my choice. All became clear when the call to board the Jetstar flight left me alone in the waiting room. As the Jetstar flight waited on the tarmac, the entire Rex crew came down the steps to greet me and escort me on board. The stewardess  made sure that I was well looked after during the flight and upon our approach to Sydney the captain personally welcomed me to Sydney, where, again, I was the sole passenger on the coach to the terminal. I have always enjoyed good service from Rex, although never as personal as that. Congratulations on your ten years!
Janette Buckingham, Sydney NSW

Congratulations on a successful 10 year flying history! Living in the Taree area, we are very fortunate to have Rex providing an A-Class flight service to Sydney and Grafton.
June Bulmer, Taree NSW

Rex have consistently provided courteous and reliable service between our city and other major cities throughout this turbulent decade.  I would like to thank all staff employed and involved in this exceptional endeaver and encourage them to keep up the reliable and good work that has benefitted, helped and convenienced the public so far.  Happy 10th B'day!!!
Laura Butcher, Mt Gambier SA